Runaway Train Tour

1. S.O.S.

2. True Colours

3. Chinese Whispers

4. Eye to Eye

5. Little Caesar

6. Missing Persons

7. I Want To Hear it From You

8. Call Me

9. Don’t Look Down

10. The King Is Dead

11. We Close Our Eyes


Released in 1987. Video was filmed at the Hammersmith Odeon. The tour was promoting the ‘Dancing On The Couch’ album.

Aces and Kings - The Best Of The Videos

1. We Close Our Eyes

2. Call Me

3. Goodbye Girl

4. Don’t Look Down

5. I Want To Hear It From You

6. The King Is Dead

7. The King Of Wishful Thinking

8. Faithful

9. What You Won’t Do For Love

10. Still In Love

11. Tell Me

12.What You Won’t Do For Love  – U.S.


Released on VHS only. A complilation of videos from Go West

Kings Of Wishful Thinking Live

1. Don’t Look Down

2. Faithful

3. Eye To Eye

4. Glow

5. True Colurs

6. All Day, All Night

7. Innocence

8. Missing Persons

9. The Sun And The Moon

10. I Want To Hear It From You

11. What You Won’t Do For Love

12. Goodbye Girl

13. S.O.S.

14. Call Me

15. We Close Our Eyes

16. The Tracks Of My Tears

17.The King Of Wishful Thinking


Go West’s first ever live show to be released on DVD was this set recorded at The Robin in 2004. 

Tony Hadley v's Peter Cox & Go West

1. Boys Of Summer

2. Drive My Car

3. Walking In Memphis

4. Always On My Mind

5. Don’t Look Down

6. Call Me

7. Free Fallin’

8. Why Don’t You

9. The Boys Are Back In Town

10. Don’t Know Why

11. Faithful

12. Shooting Star

13. To Love Somebody

14. Suspicious Minds

15. Me & Mrs Jones

16. We Close Our Eyes

17. The King Of Wishful Thinking

18. Addicted To Love

19. Simply Irresistible

Following ‘Reborn In The U.S.A.’ this recording was filmed at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester during their joint tour in 2004,

Twenty One

01 Let Love Come

02 Faithful

03 All Day-All Night

04 Haunted

05 Never Enough

06 Missing Persons

07 I Want To Hear It From You

08 Lolita

09 Innocence

10 Goodbye Girl

11 That’s What Love Can Do

12 Man On Fire

13 Don’t Look Down

14 Eye To Eye

15 Faded

16 Glow

17 Vertigo

18 Stars Don’t Shine

19 The Sun and the Moon

20 S.O.S

21 Call me

22 We Close Our Eyes

23 Tracks of my Tears

24 King Of Wishful Thinking

Late in 2006 Peter and Richard completed a jaw-dropping 33 date 21st Anniversary National Tour that saw them perform to packed crowds at venues across the UK between October and December 2006. On November 1st 2006 at Salford’s Lowry Theatre, Go West Performed their debut album live and in it’s entirety for the first time and for one night only. The evening also served as a premiere of songs from their forthcoming CD. This is the film of that show.

Only Love - Live

1. Only Love – Live at the Lowry

(previously unreleased)

2. I want to hear it from you – 

Live at the Lowry (from the 21 DVD)

3. Call Me 2008 – New Audio Recording.

The launch of the Go West TV Station saw the first official Go West Audio/Visual EP This exclusive mini downloadable DVD features previously unreleased material and a new version of Call Me, produced by Gary Stevenson the original producer from 1985.

Frame By Frame


1. We Close Our Eyes

2. Call ME

3. Goodbye Girl

4. Call Me.

5. True Colours

6. I Want To Hear It From You.

7. The King is Dead

8. The King of Wishful Thinking

9. Faithful

10. What You Won’t Do For Love (UK)


1. Still In Love

2. Tell Me

3. What You Won’t Do For Love (US)

4. Tracks Of My Tears (Live)

5. All Day, All Night (Live)

6. Glow (Live)

7. Let Love Come (Live)

8. Only Love (Live)

9. Sex On Fire (Live)

10. Skin Deep

Join Peter and Richard as they take you through the ins and outs of their videos, from the beginnings with Godley and Creme, talking puppets with Gerry Anderson, kissing attractive models, a few live concert clips and a brand new video for good measure. Frame by Frame is the new 2 Disc DVD from Go West with all their videos for the first time on DVD. Each video is introduced by Peter and Richard from the comfort of Richard’s studio.